Saturday, July 23, 2011


my committee chair has checked out, school for masters, working full time

asst cubmaster new & buying house another town

pack trainer new & not quite on board. not attending roundtable

activity chair new, no clue, issues with brain, possibly surgery, reactivated recently, single mom, son in wolves (he's completed all his wolf achievements because of her)

primary pres pregnant & has other issues with primary leaders

advancement chair awesome & willing to help. we have to figure out reporting, though.

den leaders not committed and "forget" or cancel den mtgs with little notice.

so I am trying to run catch loose ends, tour plan/permits, adults and transportation to day camps, announcements in ward bulletin.

and we're moving in a month 2 blocks away. have to be available to show house we're in (short sale).

sorry to vent. that's what's on my plate & overwhelming me right now.

bishop's counselor over us won't release den leaders.
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