Sunday, July 17, 2011

FAITH should govern ALL we do

Today, I did not cry during the lesson in Relief Society. I have done enough of that in the last couple weeks after learning that my friend's 9-month-old was losing her battle in this life, having been born with a heart defect - I think she only had 3 chambers in her heart.

Anyway, yesterday I attended a beautiful graveside memorial for Baby Sofia. Susy and Scott are amazing, and they are a great example of remembering what is important -- family.

Which brings us to today...

Sister Miner, a single mom of eight, taught Lesson#37 Family Responsibilities. She is amazing. I am excited to be her next-door neighbor in a month!


Here are my notes from her lesson...

FAITH should govern everything we do.

What is my responsibility as a sister, an adult child, a wife, a mother?


Have morning Family prayer.

The strength of righteous men cannot be underestimated.

We are never off duty as a mother.

Secure our families in safety.

Be ready for teaching moments.

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